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Adult Education

We offer a variety of stimulating, challenging, and accessible opportunities for adult learning including ongoing congregational learning,  weekly classes, and individual learning opportunities.

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ReBar is back! 

A program we first launched in 2016, ReBar is your chance to willingly (re)claim and even transform your Jewish identity (and party like your pre-teen self did!). 


What started out as a light-hearted opportunity to poke fun at our 13-year-old, prepubescent selves, and make a party out of it, quickly turned into something much more serious and with far greater impact than any of us predicted. With this opportunity for your second (or first, or third) B-Mitzvah, we’ll focus on identifying and naming the gifts that we possess as adults that we likely hadn’t discovered yet at age 13. 


Stay tuned for a date to celebrate with our ReBarniks at our ReBar event. 

Ongoing Learning Projects

One Book, One Rodfei Zedek book selection for the year Read More
This American Shabbat text study with Rabbi Minkus Read More
Our journal of ideas: To Learn and To Teach Read More
Read Additional Writings by our Congregants Read More

Weekly and Periodic Classes

Merchant of Venice 7-Week Course

Throughout the centuries, no great work of literature has been more contentious than Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Far from a monolithic, anti-Semitic work, it is as varied and nuanced as any of Shakespeare’s other works and may rank among his greatest plays. In this class, led by Mitchell Brown, we will do a very close reading of Shakespeare’s play and determine how much of its notoriety is justified. 


Class will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm for seven weeks. Our first session will be Tuesday, March 1.


For the first class please read the first act. Any edition of the play will do, but the Folger is particularly recommended.

We look forward to learning together! 


Sign up here! 


Talmud Study

Rabbi Larry Edwards leads a half hour of Talmud study each week following Monday morning minyan and ending by 9:00.  Beginners are welcome, as are those who have studied Talmud in the past.  English is the language of instruction.  No registration needed.


613 Flavors (periodic)

 Join Rabbi Minkus for making home-made ice cream in the Rodfei Zedek kitchen as we welcome each new Hebrew month throughout the Jewish year.  Suggest an innovative, mitzvah-inspired flavor to surprise and inspire our senses for new delicious takes on the timeless treat.


Text Study Group (monthly)

We  meet at members' homes about once a month. Group members take turns preparing for each session with issues for discussion and background information. The group originated with studying the Shabbat service text and has  moved on to study non‑prayer texts like the Books of Esther, Ecclesiastes, and Daniel, Ruth, Psalms, and Proverbs.  For further information, contact Shirley Holbrook at sholbro_at_icloud_dot_com.

Individual Learning

Increase your skills

in Tefilah (prayer) participation and leading, or in Torah and haftarah reading.  Contact Cantor Rosenberg if you are interested in learning together in a group or individually.


Adult B-Mitzvah

preparation.  It’s never too late!  Contact Cantor Rosenberg to coordinate the preparation based on your current skill level and to schedule a date for the service and celebration.


Teachers Wanted

Do you have knowledge about Jewish culture, history, thought, or practice that you would like to share?  Teach a class at CRZ!  Your course can be one afternoon or multiple sessions, based on text study or some other form of engagement (cooking, painting, dancing, singing…whatever your imagination and skills suggest). Contact the rabbi or cantor to suggest a course.

Sisterhood Programs

Rodfei Zedek Sisterhood continues our 100+ year tradition of enhancing congregational life through programming and fund-raising activities.  Our monthly Monday afternoon meetings provide educational and entertaining programs, open to women and men of the Congregation and their friends. 


We host Shabbat lectures for the congregation, a drop‑in Mah Jongg game on Tuesday afternoons and have a monthly book group on Monday mornings.  We hope you can join us at these programs and our open meetings.  Please visit Sisterhood online to see our many other programs for you to enjoy.

Reading Groups

One Book, One Rodfei Zedek

Our One Book, One Rodfei Zedek  program is meant to stimulate conversations, both formal and informal.  Each fall the congregation votes on a book to read and learn from together for the year.


Non-Fiction Chavurah

Non-Fiction Chavurah meets about every other month at the home of a group member.  Books have included:

Michael Oren's Power, Faith and Fantasy:  America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present; 

Simcha Weinstein's Up, Up, and Oy Vey!:  How Jewish History, Culture, and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero; 

Abraham Joshua Heschel's God in Seach of Man

New participants welcome.  Contact the office for information.


Sisterhood Morning Book Club

Sisterhood Morning Book Club meets monthly April through December on Monday mornings at Congregation Rodfei Zedek. 

New members and visitors are welcome.


Additional Resources

Jewish Book Council | Book Clubs | National Jewish Book Award Winners


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