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The Season of Our Rejoicing

SukkotShemini Atzeret | Simchat Torah


Spread over us your sukkah of peace.
Ufros Aleinu Sukkat Sh'lomecha. ופרוש עלינו סוכת שלומיך


SUKKOT - Feast of Tabernacles - September 20-September 27, 2021

Festival Services 

Tuesday, September 21 | 9:30 am 

Wednesday, September 22 | 9:30 am 


​​​​​Sukkah Hop 2021 - Saturday, September 25, 2021 

Visit your neighborhood sukkot. Schedule and hosts TBA


Sukkah Hop

Sukkot Tailgate - Sunday, September 26, 2021 


Sukkot is the festival of hospitality, but it’s also the epitome of a Midwesterner’s good time. Sukkot encourages all the best things about camping and tailgating, two recreational activities we excel at. The festival of Sukkot commands us to spend as much time as possible in this makeshift home that allows us to experience the elements of the outdoors - we can eat, hang out, and even sleep in the sukkah. We are also commanded to welcome our neighbors and friends into our Sukkah.


Join us for a Midwestern Sukkot tailgate at Akiba-Schechter to relax in the Sukkah, play lawn games, enjoy grilled cheese and tater tots from the infamous Cheesie's food truck, and sip beer thanks to our friends at Histrionic Brewlab. Bring friends and family, and take a moment to slow down, appreciate the joy of being together, and embrace the spirit of hospitality and generosity that Sukkot teaches us. No sports games, tickets, TVs, or tents required for this celebration of fall!


Please register for this event. 


SHEMINI ATZERET - Eighth Day of Assembly

Tuesday, September 28
9:30 a.m. – Festival Service

11:15 a.m. – Yizkor Memorial Service

Physical location: CRZ Sanctuary

Virtual location: Zoom 


SIMCHAT TORAH - Day of Celebrating the Torah

We follow the reflection and introspection of the High Holidays with joyful celebration of the gift of the Torah as a guide for our days.

Tuesday, September 28 - Erev Simchat Torah
6 pm-7pm - Simchat Torah Night

Join us outside in the parking lot for music and dancing with the Torah, to hear our teens read from the Torah as it is unwrapped, and enjoy Taffy Apples afterwards! Musicians will include Andrew Basa, Lou Philipson, Thom Covert, Yael Hoffman, and Chuck Rosenberg. 

7-8pm Masorti Hakafot 

Join us in the Sanctuary or over Zoom. 

Wednesday, September 29
9:30 a.m. - Festival services with Torah reading and hakafot

Physical Location: CRZ Sanctuary 

Virtual location: Zoom 

Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783