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Come for the Holidays, Stay for the Year

For first-time members we offer an introductory membership package.  For the price of  High Holiday guest tickets—$225 for individuals, $450 for families—the introductory membership includes High Holiday tickets for two seasons (2022 and 2023), and all the benefits of membership through December 2023.


CRZoom Membership

Our CRZoom Membership is available to first-time members at the same level as our introductory membership package and allows you to join CRZ from anywhere in the world!


Benefits of Membership

Rodfei Zedek Finances:  Terumah Model

Donate or make your Terumah or other payment or donation online.

In 2016, we adopted a new approach to member dues, an approach that supports the learning, spiritual experiences, and relationships that mark us as an engaged Jewish community.  We replaced the traditional dues model with a model called Terumah, named after the free will offering that our people gave to build the first sanctuary in the desert.  We did this because we wanted the financial structure of Rodfei Zedek to reflect who we have become, and to be as clear and participatory as our coming together as a sacred community.  Under the Terumah program, we welcome everyone who wants to be a member.

Terumah acknowledges that personal financial circumstances vary among members of the community, allowing some to participate at a substantially higher level than others.  Terumah asks that each member of the community commit to supporting Rodfei Zedek at the highest level possible.

Terumah is based upon the operating budget of the congregation, on your personal finances, and on your commitment to sustaining the community in which we participate in many different ways.  To maintain our current level of programs, education and observance, we recommended a Terumah commitment for 2023 of $1,827 for single-adult households and $3,654 for two-adult households.  We ask you to participate at a level that reflects your heart, your resources, and your commitment to our community.

As a community, we value our responsibilities to ourselves, to each other, and to a Judaism that values both change and tradition. We are glad to talk to you in person, by telephone, or by email if you have questions or would like more information about this model.  If you would like to discuss this confidentially, our office will connect you with the appropriate person.


Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Members are an essential part of Rodfei Zedek, and we are grateful for their generosity. These members’ contributions fuel Rodfei Zedek’s mission to offer a wide range of learning, prayer, festivals, and programs to serve our growing membership base with varying Jewish backgrounds and at different stages of life.


Sustaining Membership is yet another way to show your support for Rodfei Zedek. We invite you to consider becoming a Sustaining Member in the coming year by increasing your Terumah commitment to $2,825 for single-adult households or $5,650 for two-adult households.

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