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Chesed Initiative 2024

Chesed Initiative Volunteer Participation Form

Please let us know how you can help support the CRZ community in times of need. We need a critical mass of volunteers to be able to call upon for discrete, focused tasks. You will not be expected to always be available when contacted to help meet a need. However, the more volunteers we have, the better able our community will be to meet our members’ needs. Sign up for only what you feel comfortable with, and you’ll only be called upon to do what you’ve identified.

Providing acts of loving kindness provides physical and emotional sustenance to someone during trying times and meets the spiritual needs of the person providing the support. Doing good feels good!

I am willing to help with:

Support for families with new babies

Shiva coordination and support

Care visits

General support

Get your family involved!

Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784