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Merchant of Venice Course

Throughout the centuries, no great work of literature has been more contentious than Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Far from a monolithic, anti-Semitic work, it is as varied and nuanced as any of Shakespeare’s other works and may rank among his greatest plays. In this class, led by Mitchell Brown, we will do a very close reading of Shakespeare’s play and determine how much of its notoriety is justified. 

Please register to participate in this class. Once we have enough people registered, we will be in touch with you regarding a start date for this course. Class will meet weekly for seven weeks, on either a Tuesday or Thursday. 

For the first class please read the first act. Any edition of the play will do, but the Folger is particularly recommended.

We look forward to learning together! 

Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783