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Enduring Memorials

Congregation Rodfei Zedek Enduring Memorials

The memory of your beloved departed is well honored by a charitable act, such as a contribution in support of Congregation Rodfei Zedek’s educational and religious programs.    Please consider one of the following Memorial choices available to you.  

Memorial Plaques    Perpetuate the memory of your departed loved ones by purchasing plaques in their memory. These simple, elegant plaques are displayed chronologically by yahrzeit month on the beautiful memorial wall overlooking the Mandelbaum Atrium. Each one includes the name of the departed as well as his/her yahrzeit dates according to both the secular and Hebrew calendars. Yahrzeits are also maintained in our records so that the families are notified of the date every year. The yahrzeit is also announced from the bimah at the Shabbat service immediately preceding the yahrzeit date and on the actual day during our morning minyan.  At both Shabbat services and the yahrzeit, the congregation says Kaddish, the memorial prayer, with you or on your behalf.  Each name also appears in the annual Book of Life which is distributed at Yizkor services throughout the year. beginning with Yom Kippur.  The cost of a memorial plaque is $600. 

Permanent Inscription     Permanent inscriptions in the congregation’s Book of Life, without the purchase of a memorial plaque, can be arranged for a contribution of $180.

Annual Listing     An annual listing in the Book of Life, for one year, is provided for a contribution of $36 per name per year. Renewals must be submitted to the congregation’s office each year.

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